Learning Wildlife Photography

04) Essential Accessories

Bean Bags

Where a tripod isn't practicable, bean bags are a wonderful solution to support your camera and lens combination. They're commonly found in safari vehicles, but they'll work just as well in your own. Bean bags come in a variety of styles & sizes. Their form allows them to easily fit over a car door or serve as a great lens cradle when utilized on the ground for low-angle photography.

The goal is to travel with empty sacks and then fill them with whatever you can find once you arrive at your destination. You may use buckwheat hulls or just plain rice! One of them is always in the rear of my car. You never know when you'll find something intriguing to photograph. They are, like many of the other items on this list, affordable and take up little space, but they have the potential to significantly improve your wildlife photography experiences.

The most common blunder is purchasing one that appears to perfectly position their camera at eye level. The difficulty is that it is based on level ground! When was the last time you saw level ground outside?